No man wants to live with a broken heart and Ugandan percussionist Kenneth Mugabi knows this so well, reason why he decided to produce a thrilling song titled ‘Take Me Back’.

With ‘Take Me Back’, which is one of the sweetest love songs on the Ugandan entertainment scene currently, Mugabi exhibits the power to melt the hearts of his audience.

Actually, ‘Take Me Back’ is the ideal song for all couples that are facing emotional turmoil and battling love woes, because through this ballad Mugabi speaks directly to their hearts.

 He attempts to let lovers know that although they may face a number of challenges in their relationship, a time comes when they have to mend  differences so as to rekindle the candle of passion between them.

With ‘Take Me Back’ Mugabi preaches endless love, forgiveness, emotional stability and everlasting happiness for a couple that learns how to handle the highs and lows of their relationship.

Taken off his album ‘People Of The Land’, this is a song  for people of all ages, anywhere in the world, especially because love is a universal feeling  that cuts across borders, religions, cultures and other boundaries.

Spare a moment to tap the link above to stream ‘Take Me Back’ on YouTube.

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