Vocalist Kenneth Mugabi’s latest music video dubbed ‘Take Me Back’ has since crossed the Ugandan borders and is now airing in Rwanda, where B-Plus TV is playing the song back-to-back!

A very heart-melting jam, ‘Take Me Back’ is featured on B-Plus TV’s The Play show, which is popularly known for unveiling new songs released by artists in other African countries to audiences in Rwanda.

It is important to note however that B-Plus TV is doing great by airing this video, because this alone is enabling Kenneth Mugabi to extend his musical reach to audiences in Rwanda, which will in turn help him to expand his fan base across East Africa.  

‘Take Me Back’ is a love song that focuses on mutual understanding between couples, plus patience and forgiveness as key ingredients for any successful relationship.

Kenneth Mugabi wants the world to know through this song that it is very difficult for a relationship to survive into fruition if both spouses are not willing to forgive and take each other back, especially after encountering love woes.

With over 16K YouTube views and still counting, ‘Take Me Back’ has already proved to have a huge effect on everyone who  encounters it, reason why you ought to tap the link above to stream the video on YouTube.

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