Ugandan dancehall music artist Legion East has teamed up with Kenyan musicians Teslah and Unspoken Salaton on a new, spanking-hot collabo dubbed ‘Drop’, straight outta Black Market Records.

Hitting digital platforms and airwaves within a few days from now, ‘Drop’ is the ultimate East African collabo, and a song that is bound to change the music landscape in the region within a very short time.

A pulsating dancehall tune, ‘Drop’ is a jam purely dedicated to those who know that life is meaningless without partying and vibing to great music.

Actually, ‘Drop’ is a song that goes just beyond being entertaining to becoming a unifying factor between Uganda and Kenya, hence furthering the East African Unity agenda.

However, as we all await the release of this collabo, it is important to note that Legion East  is still rocking Ugandans  with ‘Party’, a collabo with Rako Gynius, which is booming in several night clubs around the country and doing rounds on airwaves.All you have to do is keep  on the lookout for details about when this collabo is premiering but before that, why not tap  the link above to stream ‘Party’ by Legion East on YouTube?

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