Teslah and Ndovu Kuu are literary raising eyebrows everywhere, thanks to the passionate chemistry they trigger off with their lovely collabo dubbed ‘Hubby’.

A song that doesn’t leave whoever listens to it the same, ‘Hubby’, which is available on YouTube, has caught the attention of thousands of Kenyans.

A very hypnotizing ballad, ‘Hubby’ is the kind of song that sets the ball rolling for any woman who wants to send out a powerful message to her man.

With ‘Hubby’, Teslah and Ndovu Kuu put on the market a very heart-warming track that is already turning into a credible piece of advice for all lovers around the world, because it portrays the very image of a perfect couple.     

Just listening to this song attentively for a few minutes is enough to make every man yearn for a woman like Teslah, because she proves to the listener that she is 100% wife material.

It is partly because of this that thousands of Kenyans have since fallen in love with ‘Hubby’, which is not only being widely streamed on YouTube but has since gone viral on TikTok too.  If you haven’t checked out this passionate ballad yet, do so now by streaming it on YouTube; tap the link above.

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