Kenyan musicians Teslah and Ndovu Kuu will tempt you into falling in love with their latest collabo dubbed ‘Hubby’, now available on YouTube and digital platforms.

Created with lyrics that delve into universal themes such as love, dreams, and hope, ‘Hubby’ is a song that resonates deeply with listeners from all walks of life.

This is because every woman dreams and hopes of finding that special, loving and caring man in her life she can call ‘Hubby’, just like every man dreams of finding a woman he can call wife!

In essence, Teslah and Ndovu Kuu attempt to mirror a perfect relationship through this song, and they do so by weaving together a tapestry of Swahili lyrics and infectious melodies, creating a musical experience that sticks in the memory of every listener forever.

Actually, every couple that listens to this song together will find solace in Teslah and Ndovu Kuu’s words, because they endeavor to portray the few but very important things that people look for in relationships, among them love, tenderness, care and understanding each other’s emotions.Go stream ‘Hubby’ on YouTube by clicking the link above if you want to know what it means to have a meaningful relationship.

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