Celebrated songstress Teslah has bombarded the Kenyan music landscape with a new sizzling video dubbed ‘Hubby’, featuring Ndovu Kuu, which officially premiered on YouTube today, September 07, 2023.

‘Hubby’, which is likely to turn out to be Teslah’s biggest studio project this year, is a very enchanting piece of work that will leave a sweetlicious taste in the life of everyone who watches this video.

With ‘Hubby’, which is definitely an award-winning project, Teslah and Ndovu Kuu are out to share the love they have together with the rest of the world.

 Actually, ‘Hubby’ is so irresistible; the chemistry that Teslah and Ndovu Kuu exude in the video will make several couples that watch it appreciate that the song carries a very important message for all lovers.

With this video, Teslah definitely gives her fans something to talk about for several years to come, because   it surely is an all-time classic!

Meanwhile, the ‘Hubby’ video release comes at a time when Teslah is in Uganda, where she traveled for a short working holiday, during which she will record some collabos with Ugandan artists and shoot videos for her upcoming music projects.However, as you wait for updates about what Teslah  is up to in Uganda, make sure to tap the link above to stream the ‘Hubby’ video on YouTube, right now!

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