The African reggae music scene is unique and different, incorporating African rhythms and chants. Since the 1970s, African reggae music has been blazing throughout the continent, with some songs even making a considerable impact on the world stage. Today, we are looking at the top 10 African reggae songs of all time, as perceived by Hovering Africa Music.

  • “under Pressure” by Ras Kimono This song talks about the challenges and pressures of life that people, especially the lower class, can relate to. The unique style of Ras Kimono, with his African-infused voice, makes this song easy to remember and memorize.
  • “Obaro” by Edna Ogholi, known as the queen of African reggae, sings this song in Iso, one of the native languages in Nigeria. “Obaro” encourages everyone to always move forward in whatever they do.
  • “Mama Africa” 2006 by Black Prophet Mama Africa is an English language song and is sung by Black Prophet. Mama Africa, from the album Prophecy, released in the year 2015. The duration of the …
    Missing: 2006
  • “Still Searching” by Bongos ikwue and the Groovys “Still Searching” is an African classic that remains popular throughout the continent even after 40 years. The song is about the hope of finding true love and has sold over 1 million copies.
  • “Beautiful Woman” by Cloud 7 This vintage classic from Nigeria has a melodious vocal harmony that reminds us of Bob Marley and The Wailers. Despite being a broken heart song, “Beautiful Woman” is a timeless tune that defines an era.
  • “usizi ” by Slaves This song, sung in Zulu, laments the problems of the world. The lead singer, Tutu Caniselle, has a captivating voice that keeps your attention, even if you don’t understand the language. “usizi ” combines reggae sound with unapologetic African elements.
  • “Slave” by Lucky Dube This 1987 classic by Lucky Dube is often mistaken for a song about being a slave to another human or evoking memories of the Atlantic slave trade. However, the song is actually about overdependence on alcohol. Lucky Dube sings about the desperation to fight and conquer alcoholism.
  • “Burning Desires” by Wutah “Burning Desires” reflects on the everyday struggles of life and the burning desire for a better life for the next generation. This Ghanaian song provides warmth and calm to the heart with its vocal delivery.
  • “African Reggae Fever” by Rocky DawuniThis song celebrates the reggae music genre and its infectiousness. Whether young or old, reggae music stays with you. “African Reggae Fever” is crafted to lift up your mood and is danceable.
  • “Cocody Rock” by Alpha Blondy Alpha Blondy’s “Cocody Rock” is the number one African reggae song of all time. The song makes reference to the township of Cocody Rock in Côte d’Ivoire and is backed by Bob Marley’s backing group, The Wailers. It is considered not only Alpha Blondy’s signature tune but also a true signature tune in reggae music worldwide.

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