If there is a song that is arousing sweet sensations across East Africa for everyone who listens to it, then it is ‘For Real’, performed by Kenyan group Thee Exit Band.

With ‘For Real’, Thee Exit Band aim at giving their fans endless joyous moments of unforgettable love, passion and romance; themes that are making the song very irresistible for almost everyone.

Beyond their musical endeavours, Thee Exit Band go out of their way to let people know that if they find the right person for them in a relationship they should never  let go of them, but do all it takes to live forever and for always.

Although they have been on the Kenyan music scene for some time, one of the most notable achievements for Thee Exit Band is producing songs that aim at inspiring people in relationships to hold onto each other; that’s the exact message they deliver in ‘For Real’.

In this song, Thee Exit Band envision a couple that starts from scratch and builds a fruitful relationship that results in the lovers growing old together as a couple, which is a relationship goal for everyone in life. 

No wonder the song is already capturing the attention of hundreds of people and if you want to feel it too, please tap the link above to stream the video on YouTube.

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