Kenyan singing group Thee Exit Band are on a mission to quench severe thirst for love among their fans with a new ballad dubbed ‘For Real’.

Their latest studio project, ‘For Real’ is already causing traction and the responsiveness the song has attracted from the audience so far indicates that Thee Exit Band have caught the ears  of many people.  

This single further shapes the music journey that Thee Exit Band have taken over time, highlighting the fact that they are exceptionally talented artists especially when it comes  to composing passionate music.   

A very melodious song, ‘For Real’ comes in the footsteps of their hit record dubbed ‘Popo’, on which they featured songbird Teslah.

With ‘For Real’, Thee Exit Band delivers a true love song that captures the essence of everlasting love, because this one is for real.

The song is actually a celebration of true love and the milestones couples in relationships attain along the way as they embark on a lifelong journey together.

Streaming ‘For Real’ on YouTube is just a link away, especially if you are someone with a knack for soothing love music.

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