Daddy Andre & Nina Roz To Premiere Fertilizer Video At  Cask Lounge

Due to public demand, Daddy Andre and Nina Roz are set to premiere their latest music video dubbed ‘Fertilizer’ today, at Cask Lounge in Kampala.

The video, which was dropped just yesterday, has become the hottest happening on the Ugandan party scene, and because of this, Daddy Andre and Nina Roz have since decided to officially premiere this masterpiece at Cask Lounge.

So, today, there is no going home after work, because all doors will be leading to Cask Lounge, where revelers will be treated to a unique, once-in-a-lifetime live experience with Daddy Andre and Nina.

With over 45K YouTube views just 23 hours after its release and trending at No.16, ‘Fertilizer’ is a pulsating studio project that is booming all over the country.

Through this track, Daddy Andre and Nina Roz decided to reach out to their fans directly by producing a song that is not just entertaining but also very emotional.

The passionate chemistry they exude as they perform in  the video is so infectious and  will make every woman want to have her ‘Fertilizer’ very close by every time this song is played.

Make sure to be at Cask Lounge tonight for the official premiere of ‘Fertilizer’ but remember, the video is available for streaming on YouTube; just tap the link!

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