Silken-voiced Ugandan artist Emilian Starz teams up with Angella Katatumba to bring a special message for all lovers everywhere in the world, through their hot collabo dubbed ‘Toola’.

A very pulsating ballad, ‘Toola’ is a song that takes the audience into personal reflections about their relationships and highlights the importance of mutual bonds between lovers.

This very contemplative track serves as a heartfelt tribute to people in relationships who have stood side by side through thick and thin, thereby emphasizing the significance of love.

A very remarkable piece of art, ‘Toola’ stands as a testament to Emilian Starz’s evolution as an artist, and further highlights her potential to become one of Uganda’s top artists in the near future!

Blended with sweetened vocals, thought-provoking lyrics and infectious beats, ‘Toola’ is a powerful collabo that is currently sending ripples throughout the Ugandan Afro-pop scene.

Actually, this duet combines Emilian Starz’s passionate storytelling with Angella Katatumba’s rich musical experience, which results in an emotionally charged track that has melted the hearts of thousands of fans.

You too can bask in this glorious mystery of love by tapping the link to stream ‘Toola’ on YouTube.

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