Although it is rare for Ugandan musicians to release a song that can be described as an all-time classic, Emilian Starz pulled this off with her freshest single dubbed ‘Toola’, which features Angella Katatumba.

‘Toola’ is a phenomenal love ballad that is putting all Emilian Starz’s fans around the country on tenterhooks, because they want to practice what she preaches in this song.

This is because in ‘Toola’, Emilian Starz expresses the highest level to which a woman can submit to her man when it comes to a relationship and believe it or not; all men want a woman who is submissive!

Emilian Starz performs ‘Toola’ with an infectious rhythm and clever wordplay that made the song an instant crowd-pleaser.

With dripping seduction and naked passion, Emilian Starz prompts listeners to reflect on the value of genuine love and the importance of finding the love of your life, which is a fulfillment that goes beyond material possessions.

The soul-stirring lyrics alone are enough to captivate first-time listeners and make them stay hooked to the song, which when coupled with soothing beats, make ‘Toola’ a masterpiece.

Click the link to stream ‘Toola’ on YouTube but keep in mind that Emilian Starz is soon dropping the animated video for this jam!

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