Daddy Andre has the country booming with his latest jam dubbed ‘So’,  which  is becoming a favourite for thousands of Ugandan music enthusiasts.

Having been around Uganda’s entertainment scene for some time, Daddy Andre’s musical journey is leaving an enduring imprint on the industry, with each song he releases extending beyond his creative contributions.

With ‘So’ and all the other songs he has produced before, Daddy Andre has already made substantial impacts on the entertainment realm through his music, and that doesn’t mean he is about to  stop.

This is because with Daddy Andre’s unparalleled talent and unwavering commitment to his craft, combined with the desire to work with artists both from Uganda and abroad, he continues to leave a trail on the Ugandan music scene that will live forever.

Actually, he has over the years been actively shaping the musical landscape with his unparalleled artistic vision and this  can be witnessed in ‘So’ or any of his other songs.

By the way, waiting for others to tell you all about ‘So’ is tantamount to being unfair to  yourself, because you can stream the jam on YouTube by clicking the link above.

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