It’s been long ever since Kenya produced a song that is rocking Africa and other parts of the world the ‘Kuna Kuna’, a banger by Vic West featuring Fathermoh, Brandy Maina, Thee Exit Band and Savara is currently doing.

‘Kuna Kuna’, which won Vic West the East Africa Arts Entertainment (EAEA) award for People’s Choice Best Collaboration Single of the Year, is an incredible musical sensation that is sweeping across Africa.

The chart-topping track, which boasts of over 20.5M YouTube views so far, has already unleashed an unprecedented wave by swiftly conquering airwaves throughout Africa, on top of dominating music charts, and booming at almost every nightclub or hangout.

‘Kuna Kuna’ started with beating odds on the Kenyan music scene by claiming the No.#1 position for a remarkable 13 consecutive weeks in Kenya shortly after its release, which attests to its immense popularity.

However, besides the millions of YouTube views and dominating the party landscape in Kenya, ‘Kuna Kuna’ also boasts of an impressive presence on digital platforms, whereby the song has so far amassed over 400,000 TikTok videos and a staggering 30M streams on various digital platforms.

The  studio project’s limitless potential is undeniable, reason why Black Market Records invites people in other parts of the world like America, Europe, Asia and Arabia to embrace the ‘Kuna Kuna’ vibe, because this jam definitely has a global reach,  having proved already that  it can transcend all borders and languages.

With just one tap on the link above you can stream ‘Kuna Kuna’ on YouTube; however, below  are other links to the song: ( Kuna Kuna  official video)  ( Kuna kuna google drive ) (Kuna Kuna official Link Fire )

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