In a bid to beef up the video production team at Black Market Records, the record label has brought on board a young, exceptionally talented video director known as Chemy, who produced ‘Finyo’ by Swat Matire ft. Wakali Wao, ‘You plus several other videos.

Real name Austyne Opuka, Chemy, who has already proved to be a force to reckon with in the field of videography, hails from Syokimau, Kenya.

He is a visionary in the realm of visual production, who started his journey with a ‘good’ camera, but has over time honed his skills and focused on enhancing the production quality of his work.

Chemy’s passion lies in playing with colours, capturing the emotions conveyed by a song, and bringing an artist’s vision to life.

Since joining Black Market Records, he has directed and shot remarkable music videos, some of which include;

‘You’ by Unspoken Salaton ft. Teslah, ‘Finyo’ by Swat Matire, ‘Audacity’ by Unspoken Salaton, and ‘Tujenge Taifa’ by Exray Taniua and Teslah, among others.

It should however be noted that this is just the beginning of his promising career, because Chemy is strategically positioning himself as one the most formidable video directors in Kenya, and before long his name will be resounding across East Africa.

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