‘Cool Me Down’, a song by Vic West featuring Thee Exit Band, Savara, Bensoul and Joefes, is one of the hot jams characterizing the Kenyan party scene lately.

The title of the song alone is enough to let everyone who comes across ‘Cool Me Down’ immediately know that it’s time to chill and have a good time!

It’s because of this that ‘Cool Me Down’ is not only enjoying massive airplay across Kenya but is also featuring on the playlists of several DJs all over East Africa, because it’s one of the Gengetone tunes that are on high demand currently.

What’s even more interesting is that ‘Cool Me Down’ is not just thrilling Gengetone fans in Kenya alone; there are also fans in countries like Canada, Nigeria, USA, Austria and other parts of the world who are vibing to this jam, thanks to Vic West!   

Vic West took this particular studio project to a whole new level by teaming up with some of Kenya’s biggest acts, a move that makes ‘Cool Me Down’ a dancehall mayhem that everyone ought to be a part of.

Why not join the over 127K fans that are already streaming the video on YouTube; simply click the link above to feel it!

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