Everyone in life wants to be loved or to have someone they love; this is the exact message that Cuban artists Wildey and Donyto deliver in their latest video dubbed ‘Love’.

Premiered on YouTube a few days ago, ‘Love’, which is attracting thousands of streams already, is a song that stirs sweet emotions for everyone who experiences it.

Blended with thrilling vocals and captivating choreography, ‘Love’ is a song  that speaks a lot more to the heart of the listener, reason why it has since attracted immense attention from fans.

It is the kind of jam that will magnetically draw your devotion and keep you digging more into the lyrics, so that you can delve into the passion that Wildey and Donyto share with the world.

Believe it or not, this collabo is a remarkable milestone in the growth and recognition of Cuban music on a global scale, because love is something that is shared throughout the world.

Currently doing rounds on airwaves in Cuba and being massively played in night clubs, ‘Love’ is one of the songs dominating the entertainment scene in Cuba.

All you have to do to enjoy this thrilling song is to go stream the video on YouTube; just tap the link!

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